Family outings during the holidays

Swimming in emerald water, walking to avoid overcrowded rapids and jumping directly into water heaters… Water hiking is a combination of history and adventure. Plus d’informations sur le site : . You are accompanied by a guide to be able to defend the environment and enjoy this moment in complete peace of mind. No passage is mandatory, progression is one step and one swim. This type of river is ideal for matches in the water: swimming, jumping, rapids and slides, etc. These entertaining courses are cheap for everyone, as long as you can swim and be comfortable in the house!

Waterfront activities

On vacation, the desire to make bubbles around the shoreline is quickly felt. And if we use fun activities on the sand and also water to improve our first day of college. For more informations about french riviera boat tours contact an expert. Whether you are an excellent athlete among those who prefer to walk, we will always look for a water sport that will meet our requirements. Are you planning to sail? There are several reasons. Sailing is a motivating sport that is progressing in many ways… and the pleasure it offers is only one of the many benefits. Although sailing is a wonderful way to do it, it also requires a greater involvement of angling than any other type. By learning to sail, you will not only understand all the facets of your boat, but you will also discover how your boat reacts in its own environment: end, weather….

The discovery weekend

For those who do not wish to participate in a sports weekend, we recommend that you spend a weekend in a vineyard. Just to discover wine in a different way. Spending a weekend in a vineyard allows you to satisfy the winegrower, to see with the flowers, the cellar, but also of course to taste the wine of the vineyard that you see. The weekend in the vineyard is excellent for wine lovers who want to spend a weekend or even a longer stay.

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