The makeover

Far from being a complete change in your appearance, the makeover aims to help you change your clothing look With the support of a specialist, choose what suits you best in terms of clothing cut, color. Discover : The coach helps you in understanding your morphology. The makeover is different from the metamorphosis, for example, which requires general changes, be it in the hairstyle, how to wear makeup to clothes and many other things. For a makeover so it’s important to be accompanied by fashion professionals to help you find your style. It takes a day and it happens in a few steps.

Image consultant

The makeover and tips will begin with a special study to understand your expectations via an image consultant. During this day entirely devoted to you, studies will be carried out concerning your hairstyle or reusable cosmetic advice and to bring you simplicity. Discover mercantour’s resorts  for your holidays after a makeover No taste mistakes thanks to the advice of professionals. By choosing a morning outfit or evening clothes, as a result of this day you will have no hesitation. You will know how to harmonize your silhouette and make the difference between a professional set and a leisure outfit for your weekend or with friends. The goal of the makeover is to improve the assets of an individual, to improve his image. But the idea is not to transform it entirely to exploit its potential. Her personality, her lifestyle, her desires are taken into account so that her eyes are in harmony with her. In the end, the person should feel good about his body and gain insurance. And all thanks to an army of professionals.

Image coach

As part of a makeover, there is the shopping section which is always the practical form to prove that you have understood and that you have retained for hours and hours. Your image coach puts his know-how at your disposal so that you can now save money, and choose your clothes in minutes. The goal is to be in tune with your own personality and your new style.

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