The life annuity : particularity of this acquisition

The life annuity is an investment to build a real estate asset in very attractive financial and tax conditions and with reduced fees. It is also an investment considered by the public authorities as having a strong social and societal stake. Discover : . The particularity of this acquisition is that the investor becomes the owner of the property, when signing at the notary, having a cash portion, called BOUQUET, and a RENTE for life to the seller. Occupied life annuity investment, which accounts for the vast majority of transactions, is similar to a non-taxed real estate investment that is very secure and offers high returns since the annuitant becomes, in a way, the “tenant” of the next few years.

The purchase of a life annuity

There are many forms of life to meet the specific needs of heritage and offer great flexibility to sellers and buyers. During a busy life, the salesman continues to live at home without changing his habits to his retirement home or death. For the investor, the purchase of a life annuity is similar to a secure rental investment, with only one occupant (the seller), and for which he receives all the “rents” at the time of the acquisition in the form of occupation discount. With life free, the property is sold free of any occupation. Morei nformation about Monaco real estate. The buyer has the opportunity to live in a personal capacity, to accommodate his relatives or rent. The purchase for life allows the buyer to benefit from a credit without bank interest granted by the seller. The acquisition of a property in the life annuity is a real estate investment like the others.

The payment of a life annuity

The life annuity is more for investors than for first-time buyers. It is necessary to have one’s own house and to be able to deprive oneself of a portion of one’s savings for many years before considering such an investment. Attention, in case of default of payment, the service life is considered as obsolete and all sums committed (the bouquet and monthly payments paid) definitively lost.

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