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Select a helicopter flight and learn basic manoeuvres, flight and mode. At your side, you will be able to control your device in complete safety. Becoming a helicopter pilot in France is an expensive, but feasible procedure. Discover : . All men wishing to fly without training and with a private pilot licence must succeed. If you want to become a helicopter pilot, you will need a commercial pilot licence. Then you will have to accumulate flying hours.

private helicopter pilot

From the age of 17, you can acquire a private helicopter pilot permit, Helicopter, which allows passengers to travel and travel. This license gives you the right to fly abroad and on French territory. You can, with this certificate, travel alone, with friends, so that this flight is not operated for a fee. Contact specialist firm helicopter for more informations. The duration of the training depends on attendance and the ability of each individual to assimilate new knowledge. Ideally, fly at least once a week. The license includes two tests, one theoretical and the other clinical, which require serious preparation and routine. It is necessary to meet the requirements to pass the exam.

What is a helicopter pilot licence?

In conclusion, the pilot licence allows aircraft to be flown in most countries of the world, in accordance with eligibility criteria and standards. It carries passengers, but does not allow paid transport. This is a first step towards licensing. You can partner with aviation professionals to learn more about flight licenses.

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