Real estate market activity season by season

Do you know that activity in the real estate market changes with the seasons. The number of transactions peaks during the most favorable months and declines at a slower pace for part of the year. This seasonal effect also influences prices. Contact Saint Preux Agency for more information.  There may be 2 to 3% differences in real estate prices depending on the time of year when you sell or buy a house.

Sell ​​on the return of the beautiful days

It is usually in the spring that the real estate market is experiencing an acceleration of its activity. And for good reason, at the return of the beautiful days, it is not rare to concretize projects put in “stand by” during the winter months. In addition, in the case of a family, the signing of the spring sales apartment French Riviera agreement will allow for a summer move and ensure that children return to school in good conditions. But if the sale in the spring can allow to rely on rising prices, the increase in the number of real estate transactions recorded between the months of April and June implies that the question “real estate”, the competition is tough … Clearly, a medium-risk dwelling to be drowned in the mass in the spring, but will be more likely to stand out if it is offered for sale in winter or summer. Indeed, in a few weeks, the result of a real estate transaction will probably vary widely … In July-August, most of the sales concluded follow a compromise in the spring. Compared to the peak in the number of real estate transactions in the spring, the summer season seems, indeed, very calm. The vast majority of properties having found takers in the spring, the summer comes, the demand falls and the goods are more rare on the market. Against all odds, this scarcity of sales as well as supply can still be an advantage. And for good reason, the competition will be less harsh … By cons, in hot weather – or very hot – home visits may well return to the test. Unless you prefer visits at the end of the day. At the end of the summer, transactions restart gradually in early September. But in the opinion of most specialists, if the offer resumes timidly, it is not the same for the demand. If the real added value of the property you wish to separate is its garden, we can not advise you to put it on sale during the winter months. In addition, the small number of real estate transactions between December and February combined with a relatively large stock of goods for sale means that in winter, prices often tend to mimic mercury from the thermometer.

Sell ​​well by yourself

If you want to sell without an agency, it is important to take advantage of seasonality early in the year. If you are looking to sell in August, prepare your ad in March. Do not make the mistake of waiting for the last days of the summer to interest you. This is all the more true as some prerequisites for sale may take time. For example, you will need to establish different diagnoses: you must then call in an expert and, if necessary, do some work. Take the time to tidy up, and if your property has been customized by you, consider using a staging specialist to help you maximize your potential. You can then wait for the first days of the summer to ask to estimate a property.

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