Purchase of real estate

Given the importance of the amounts at stake, the purchase of real estate is an investment that must be the result of many reflections. You must be vigilant on many points before signing the bill of sale. Contact Lafage Transactions for more informations. To be a happy owner, do not hesitate to take your time before buying. Do not forget to pick up information in the neighborhood, the neighborhood, the trustee or the real estate agent in charge of the sale. Useful, this collection of information will help you make your decision. It can also have an influence when negotiating the price with the seller.

Choosing a property

For the purchase of a house, you must check the condition of the roof, the frame, the walls (to detect any traces of cracks), ceilings and sols.Do not forget to check the electrical installation, the plumbing, boiler or chimney. Do not forget to inquire about the existence of easements, for example a right of way on your lands. Choosing a property also means choosing your environment. Visit website to  discover all our real estate listings.  Naturally, a good environment values ​​the good. Housing exposure is also a parameter to consider. Finally, discover the neighborhood because there is nothing like a neighbor too noisy or unpleasant to spoil the pleasure of owning the house of his dreams.

Owner of a property

When you become the owner of a property, you also become responsible for taxes, namely the property tax and the housing tax. The amount of these is calculated according to the condition of the property. You could benefit from a tax reduction if you perform work to improve your home. Also, make sure that the previous owner has declared the work he has done to the taxman. If you buy an apartment, you must also pay the condo fees. You will be able to estimate the approximate amount thanks to the last statements of expenses. Note that the works voted before the conclusion of the sale, ie before the signing of the contract of sale, remain the responsibility of the former owner.

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