Organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics

By definition, organic cosmetics include beauty products composed exclusively of so-called “natural” ingredients, which can therefore be organic, ecological and not tested on animals. While conventional cosmetics use active ingredients, organic make-up focuses on vegetable oils, essential oils, natural waxes, etc. More information : . No more silicone, synthetic flavors, paraben and other harmful components! Some kinds of organic cosmetics exist and do not have exactly the same composition. Evaluate the composition of the product you are buying.

Use organic make-up

People with sensitive skin are often concerned that their skin problems are often aggravated by make-up active cosmetic. The good news is that skin-sensitive people can now wear certified or natural organic or ecological make-up. There are decorative products made from natural ingredients, offering consumers many cosmetic benefits and organic beauty. The natural formulation of this make-up is gentle enough for daily use and does not irritate the skin. This is the result of the fact that the ingredients used in the products. Inflammation, itching, pimples, rashes and reactions can be avoided with natural make-up.

Essential oils

Essential oils have been used in make-up since time immemorial.  Their properties are infinite and are visible in many skin care products. In a few drops, they work to improve your attractiveness and show their virtues. Essential oils can be used for many purposes, but they all have an essential quality for the skin: antiseptics, they are also your allies for shiny hair, to apply an essential oil to your own hair, mix a drop with a tablespoon. sweet almond oil or add it to your own shampoo. They can also cause skin reactions to determine if the skin reacts to an essential oil, drop a drop and wait a few minutes if the benefits of essential oils have been numerous. You can use it if nothing happens.

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