Why do I have to insure my boat?

Why do I have to insure my boat?

Unlike car and home insurance, boat insurance coverage can vary considerably from one insurer to another. More informations : www.onlyyacht.com . Once you have located a broker, take the time to specify where, when and how you plan to use your vessel. All risk insurance is recommended. This covers all types of claims, except those specifically excluded from the policy.

The marine insurance broker

The yacht insurance broker acts as an intermediary between an insured and an insurer, mandated by his clients to negotiate the best possible contracts with insurance companies. It is used to indicate that the policy is perfectly adapted to the profile of its policyholders. in terms of protection, rates or guarantees. He negotiates the terms and also takes care of the administrative implementation of the contract. Throughout the life of this policy, its role is also to help policyholders manage claims. Finally, it often provides risk management or consulting solutions. It is strongly recommended to use an agent to insure your vessel.

The browser’s responsibility

The law does not impose any liability on seafarers and owners of vessels used for non-professional purposes, whether sailing or motorboats. However, the navigator is exposed to a number of dangers and could also be held liable. Insurers provide you with various types of coverage normally grouped into “multi-risk” contracts and organized around the basic “civil liability” policy. This guarantee will often be necessary to obtain a ring or to winterize this ship.

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