The butcher craftsman 

The butcher craftsman

A butcher is a craftsman who operates either in his own structure or in a series of butcher shops. He’s a meat pro. Informations : .The assignment of a butcher is not limited to the sale of meat. The butcher must know: how to understand different kinds of meat and meat pieces to cut into meat pieces to improve the value of the item sold, how to adapt to your customer’s needs. Commercial sentiment and love of meat are essential elements of the butcher’s livelihood. In addition, it is essential to be skillful and waterproof, but also to be strict in terms of cleanliness. Finally, and especially when you own your own butcher shop, you must be friendly to create a customer base and a good reputation.

Why buy meat from the butcher?

Buying from a butcher is now a cure. However, there are special rules to follow because not all butcher shops are the same. Contact a Leader distribution meat. A few butchers buy from the same places as supermarkets and are simple retailers. They are therefore of interest. It is preferable to buy good quality meat. As soon as the beef is of local origin, bought from producers who like their 20 years, it’s even better. Few customers ask about the origin of the beef, which is crucial to ensure the quality of the steak, pork or poultry that will be on your plate! Some butcher shops go so far as to choose manufacturers who attach value. Many people do not understand it, but the concern for animal welfare, guaranteeing them a healthy living room and food, is the guarantee of having high quality meat at birth. Of course, the cost of buying meat is rising. But one thing is certain, eating processed meat, favouring artisanal butchers and compact manufacturers, is better for the environment and breeders, for our health and for our farmers!

Knowing how to butcher

Even the butcher buys the bugs from carcasses or neighbourhoods, from professional cooperatives or slaughterhouses, from wholesalers. He prepares the meat that he sells in supermarkets, shops or markets, cuts and shops. After a few years of specialized experience, the worker can create his own organization. In control of a work team, he can be in the butchery department of a grocery store or become a buyer.

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